North Adams is a community with a rich history in the state of Massachusetts close to the border of Vermont. The city offers an unparalleled combination of natural beauty and outdoor recreation, world class art and culture, and a great public liberal arts college.

We found North Adams by chance on the last day of our vacation in Vermont. Nothing was planned on that day but we were lucky. There’s always an Easter egg when you least expect it. We decided to explore the area around Vermont (the place where we were staying) to Massachusetts, to a small town called, North Adams. Little did we expect that it was a town enriched with arts and history. We had the chance to visit an art museum, got to see colored graffiti art works, amazing murals and watch a concert at the park. Most of all, we made some friends – some yoga instructors and a nice lady at the concert.

A reminder of the war…many veterans came from this local town.

Old English writing – “Lighte after darke.” Stained glass window at the art museum. Built in 1800’s.

Free entrance to art exhibit.

Model blending with the colors of the mural art works.

Feel na feel…the shirt design looks cool on the colors of the mural artworks.

An artwork found in the holocaust museum…

I’ve never seen a town with so many cathedrals. There’s one in every block. People here must be so religious.

The main streets of North Adams.

We were lucky to be entertained by Colour 9, a local band that performed for free. The songs that they played were contemporary pieces.

North Adams, Massachusetts – August 11, 2014

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